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Too Wired? Really, What is our Reality?

The new year has already shown us how technologically dependent we are – iPhone’s New Year’s glitch, for example.  Read on as belly dancer Dilara Sultan points out the good, the bad & the just plain creepy (robot pillows) of techie lives.

“How dependent we have become on our gadgets is interesting.  We can’t wake up without our phone alerting us, and we can’t fall asleep without our tech-forward pillow spooning and cuddling with us at night. Huh? Yeah, you read it right.  It seems that 2010 was stupendous in the tech world. We can now overcome our loneliness with a new robot pillow.  Words fail me in attempting to describe it… you MUST watch the video for yourself.”

Click here to watch the video and read Dilara’s full blog!