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Hip+Fit on Hip Mix Is Making News!

Nice to see when your work is recognized, and the Hip Mix team is happy.  When Dilara asked the question, “Why wait for New Year’s? Get motivated now,” people actually listened to!   See what’s been published here!


A Hip+Fit Oxymoron, Emphasis on the Moron

Week one of the campaign: Hip+Fit. Belly Dancer Dilara shares with us more about what the Hip+Fit Challenge is, and how goofy people can be when it comes to common sense and fitness. It’s not you in these photos, is it?

An excerpt from Dilara’s Diary:

“So Hip+Fit…… It’s what’s happened this week:

Many have said “Yes!”  when I asked the question this week about a new, personal revamp of our daily fitness.  The first group to say yes was my staff.  Did they have a choice? Yes, actually.   Some are getting into the Hip+Fit challenge more so than others.  For example, you can track the thoughts…”

Continue reading here!


Hip+Fit: What Are You Clothes Telling YOU?

Fashion can sometimes speak volumes, not only to those that see you but sometimes to yourself as well. Dilara Sultan heard her pants today LOUD & CLEAR! Perfect motivation for this month’s Hip+Fit campaign on

Visit Dliara’s Diary and take a look at this month’s Fitness challenge, plus what Dilara had to say to her pants. No really, she wrote a letter to her Corduroy’s!

Fitness Gimicks and Goals, This Belly Dancer’s In Control

Tic-Tok… another change approaches & more to follow.  Some I can control & others I cannot.

Being what some people would call a Type-A personality,  one thing I detest is things I have no control over impacting my life or my schedule.  I’m ok in traffic.  I’m ok when daylight savings comes & goes.  I can be spontaneous and a spur-of-the-moment gal.  But when I feel hostage to the whims of another…. eh, even I do not like me.

So entering into the last two months of the calendar can create some riffs in plans.  Family functions, friends and the upcoming holidays takes some special maneuvering on my part, as it does for all of us.

So I know what I cannot control — this time I choose to focus on what I can control — ME

Read on here to see what Dilara does to take control of her life, and how you can do the same!