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Stone Cold Fusion

Belly dance fusion is quite an artistic thing. A dancer bringing together an external influence into the oriental dance world is fun to watch. Usually.
To find the best words to describe a little more about fusion, I defer to the website Fusion Bellydance.
“…There is no limit to the influences that can be brought into fusion. Some video’s feature hoola-hoop dances, african style percussion, metal and so on. Any fusion between Middle Eastern, American Tribal Style, Flamenco, Burlesque and Gothic Belly Dance to Industrial, bellynesian (fusion between bellydance and polynesian dances), belly-salsa (crossfusion bellydance and salsa), bellywood (a fusion between bellydance and bollywood), Bollywood, Polynesian and live percussion and live bands will do.”
Yes, they will do —- but should they be done? Today, thanks to belly dance blogger Naima, I saw a video that brought the worlds of belly dance and ice skating together. Take a look in Dilara’s Diary!