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Politics & Dance, Conspiracies & Race Relations… WTF?

Known for her outspoken wit and sometimes controversial charm, belly dancer Dilara Sultan addresses the Rev. Al Sharpton in what seems to be the biggest news in America this week: Brandi vs Bristol on DWTS.

“Yesterday morning, on my usual driving trip, I heard the tail end of a radio interview with Tom Joyner, a syndicated morning drive radio host.  The voice he was talking with I recognized immediately, The Rev. Al Sharpton.   He was passionate, as always.  In his short tirade were phrases including:
“… they turned back the clock on this country”

“… Brandi is symbolic of what just happened to this country.  That we are being steamrolled…”

“Think of the victory we American people were robbed of…”

Oh this sounds juicy… but I didn’t hear it all.  But his words intrigued me throughout the day.Last night, I was talking with my parents who watch a lot more TV than I do.  They asked my opinion of what happened on Dancing With The Stars.  To be honest, I have…”
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