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Belly Dancers: Time To Throw ‘Em Out & Move On

Started a new project in my home: a total tear-out and re-do of my kitchen and one of my bathrooms.  Many people said I was nuts, some say I’m nuts whether I’m doing anything or not.
“What? Right after the new year?” I heard. Yep, as if waiting another month would be any better or worse.

To be honest, I’ve been waiting 10 years to do this job… and I’m tired of waiting.
So, before New Year’s arrived… in fact, 2 days after Christmas – all signs of the holidays were gone: It’s time to purge.  The cabinets, the clutter, the closets. Something many of us do at this time of year anyway, right?

So, while we’re all still in the mood to “revitalize” or “re-do” our lives, I thought I’d discuss a book I came across recently titled “Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life” by Gail Blanke. While I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, the topic alone was intriguing enough to get me thinking.

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