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New Belly Dance Stereotypes?

You think you’ve heard it all when it comes to belly dance and what it brings to the minds of others? Maybe not. After Dilara asked belly dancers what the strange responses they’ve gotten to belly dance, a few surprising ‘studies’ on the art have cropped up.

See the results here!


“Fair and Balanced,” My Belly Dance-Ass

Stereotype is something we as belly dancers fight against a great deal. Somewhere between dance practice and performances we are routinely defending belly dance as an art form as opposed to western stereotypes of harems and hoochie-mamas.
This blog is not the first time I’ve talked about education, how we present ourselves and upholding image.  Today is another one of those days I ask myself,  “Will the stereotype die?”
This morning, after I bundled up and ran off to the gym, excited to get my morning workout in, I noticed my trainer was just as excited as I was. To get exercise? No. To see me? No! To tell me about a controversial belly dance party for public officials in Pennsylvania? Oh great!
For those of you not familiar with the story, in 2006 during the beginning of budget cuts for housing subsidies, the Pennsylvania Housing Authority (PHA) sponsored a diversity training event. It’s only just now hitting.
Ok, so not a big deal, except it was $17,000 and included buffet style dinner, yodelers, salsa dancers, karaoke, and of course, belly dancers. What’s interesting about this coverage…