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Aging Gracefully? Belly Dancers Hold The Secret!

Belly dancers have different beauty tricks up their sleeves and helping you stay young is one thing that belly dance will do.  Inspired by an anti-aging video today, Dilara Sultan shares as only she can, the good, bad and horrible in the quest for beauty.

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Skin Care Basics for the Active Belly Dancer – Belly Dance Beauty & Body Tips

Skin Care Basics for the Active Belly Dancer – Belly Dance, Belly Dancing, Belly Dance Beauty & Body Tips.

“Most of us become really obsessive (bordering on obsessive-compulsive, really) with our skin care regimen. We have every cleanser, toner, serum, gel, cream—for day and night—and lotion to pamper the face, legs, and arms. We’ve got it down to a science—or have we?

Not exactly.

While we’ve definitely zeroed in on these parts, we’ve also neglected some body parts which are actually equally important, even more, as they show early signs of neglect and—yikes!—aging. You don’t want to have the face of a 30-year-old—but with a décolletage that looks 50! (Yes, the décolletage is one of the oft-forgotten parts.) Here are the body parts you…”


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