Belly dancers need to surround themselves with creative doses of motivation to achieve goals.  That is belly dancer Dilara Sultan’s theory, and today she introduces us to her new pint-size motivational guru.  1 minute and it will change your day – Visit Dilara’s Diary.


You think you’ve heard it all when it comes to belly dance and what it brings to the minds of others? Maybe not. After Dilara asked belly dancers what the strange responses they’ve gotten to belly dance, a few surprising ‘studies’ on the art have cropped up.

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“Never let the odds keep you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.”

It’s not just belly dance, but about our lives.  With a goal in your mind… no matter how small, move forward!  Read on as Dilara shares her (silly?) little secret.

We’ve all seen drama on stage, but the bitch at the end was a real surprise… See what Dilara’s showing on her blog today!

Belly dancers would agree with Dilara Sultan when it comes to seating locations on a plane: “I prefer the ‘Jerk-free’ section please… and yes, I’ll pay a little more for it.”  Is that only a wish? Maybe not.  Ryanair’s kicking off a new exclusive flight plan this fall.  Perhaps and Ryanair can help belly dancers out.

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It’s always a hit-or-miss situation when belly dance is being ‘presented’ in mainstream media and it’s not by belly dance professionals.  Dilara’s giving us a head’s up for tomorrow night’s America’s Next Top Model where Morocco’s the destination and Belly Dancing is their challenge.

See Dilara’s Diary for the video preview and stay tuned for Dilara’s follow-up blog!

Belly dancers have different beauty tricks up their sleeves and helping you stay young is one thing that belly dance will do.  Inspired by an anti-aging video today, Dilara Sultan shares as only she can, the good, bad and horrible in the quest for beauty.

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