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Tanning Salons: A Shocking Look Behind The Scenes. Exclusive By Belly Dancer, Dilara Sultan

It’s not enough that has been telling belly dancers for more than a year about the dangers of tanning beds.  We even offered up articles and tips from other belly dancers about safe tan alternatives.  But now, we share with you what goes on from the other side of the bed, if you will — the realities of the tanning business from someone who currently works in the business.  And what she says may help you make the healthy decision to be fake! Tanning Salons: A Shocking Look Behind The Scenes.  Exclusive By Belly Dancer, Dilara Sultan


Germany’s Got Talent..6 Year Old Belly Dancer

Something has been on our mind here in the office for quite some time: belly dancing children.  We’re all for belly dancing at any age, but something about how belly dancing girls are portrayed on stage can, at times, be unsettling. Today, I’d like to bring up one little girl in particular and her dream of becoming Shakira. Germany’s Got Talent… 6 Year Old Belly Dancing & Misplaced Controversy

In the past few weeks my in-box has been flooded:

“Did you hear…?”  and

“What do you think about this…?”

Sienna Miller, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Ellen DeGeneres, Sammy Sosa, Roberto Cavalli , Rihanna, Kim Kardashian,

and if you see a belly on the red carpet..BINGO Gwyneth Paltrow must be belly dancing??

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If it Shimmies like a Duck Part II

The response that came from Dilara’s entry, “If It Shimmies Like A Duck,” was overwhelming.  Today, Dilara takes the theme further and encourages belly dancers to examine their own actions… both on and off the dance floor.

Read Part II here.



Belly Dance & Politics: When To Take A Stand

It’s not always appropriate to take a stand. Our time on stage is a gift given to us by the audience, and we should always think of their needs before our own. But in those rare moments when desire and opportunity collide, sometimes all we can do is dance and hope for the best.

An excerpt:

“One Lebanese dancer, Johanna Fakhry, decided her role as an artist was to use the stage to show her resolve for peace. At the 2011 Hellfest music festival in Clisson, France, she took stage with an Israeli metal band, Orphaned Lands, to dance. This act alone is illegal in her homeland, as having public dealings…”

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Is Rihanna Belly Dancin’-Dancin’-Dancin’?

“We’ve converted another! It appears that rumors are floating around the celebrity gossip mill that Rihanna has been recently entranced by belly dance. And the news… is shocking!

Not that we’re surprised Rihanna is belly dancing – for someone with a reputation for trendsetting, edgy glamour as well as breaking the Western Pop Culture Standard of size zero pop stars, the transition makes complete sense to us What’s intriguing is the way the news is covering her new interest…”

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If It Shimmies Like A Duck…

The Holiday Break Belly Dancer

Do belly dance and vacations always mix?  Depends on who your are: the performer, the audience or the business-owner.  Does art play a role in the presentation of belly dance at resorts for holiday tourises?  You tell me.

“…Now, what someone chooses to do on their own time: That’s their business.  But when someone misrepresents belly dance so completely in front of an impressionable audience IN ONE OF BELLY DANCE’S SACRED CITIES, well yeah. I considered applying for James Bond’s license to kill…”

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