The Holiday Break Belly Dancer

Do belly dance and vacations always mix?  Depends on who your are: the performer, the audience or the business-owner.  Does art play a role in the presentation of belly dance at resorts for holiday tourises?  You tell me.

“…Now, what someone chooses to do on their own time: That’s their business.  But when someone misrepresents belly dance so completely in front of an impressionable audience IN ONE OF BELLY DANCE’S SACRED CITIES, well yeah. I considered applying for James Bond’s license to kill…”

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Comments on: "If It Shimmies Like A Duck…" (2)

  1. that’s the thing, there are so many MORE fluffy belly dancers out there than people think, be it in Cabaret OR tribal… I’m not some girl who’s going to buy a bra and belt set off of ebay and a BARELY opaque skirt and drive to the nearest greek/middle eastern restaurant/club and call myself a belly dancer… I can easily do that, and can easily undercut the dancer that they may already have (which is how many reputable and SKILLED belly dancers lose or miss out on gigs because of the under-cutters), I WONT because i’m not that kind of dancer/person.I have SEVERAL belly dancers here and on my tumblr that are far from the skinny big tits and sparkly costume dancer that people expect. Not that either form or the other is better, though society’s “ideal” is what is preferred. As much as my fellow dancers bring me up, and give me the confidence that most others WONT because i’m not the “ideal”, a single comment like that can bring me down in an instant.It’s also the reason why i dont tell many people that i belly dance because i dont want to get that look and that assumption…. Oh… and dont get me started on the notion that because i’m a belly dancer that i’ll be giving anyone that ASKS a private show *sneers* I don’t even give Riven a “show” in that sense. I make that choice for my own reasons, and doing that for your man is never a bad thing, just not something that i’d do.

  2. We’re at one of the fun little dance-and-dinner venues for tourists in Turkey, and my BFF was one of 3 belly dancers set to perform that night. I was looking forward to watching all the belly dance performances. This photo was taken after the first belly dancer performed… that’s her in the middle and yes, that’s me on the right. I know, I look miserable.

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