The life of a belly dancer is anything but typical.  And that’s absolutely true when it comes to Dilara Sultan’s life… today was a perfect example.  What started out as a “normal day” at the gym… well, turned out to be anything but.  Too bad more people don’t belly dance!

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Comments on: "So, A Belly Dancer Walks Into A Fitness Gym… (or When Dilara Was At A loss For Words)" (1)

  1. Evelynn Kerbow said:

    Most health clubs have a main workout area, which primarily consists of free weights including dumbbells, barbells and exercise machines. This area often includes mirrors so that exercisers can monitor and maintain correct posture during their workout.A gym which predominately or exclusively consists of free weights (dumbbells and barbells), as opposed to exercise machines, is sometimes referred to as a black-iron gym, after the traditional color of weight plates.”

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