Would the Inexperienced Belly Dancer Teacher Please Sit Down? (part 1 of 3) – Dilara’s Diary – HipMix.Net.

Leave it to me to hit a nerve in the belly dance community *wink*

I did it again recently when I vented to others on my Facebook Fan Page: “I am SO tired of ‘belly dance teachers’ popping up here and there after a short stint as a student!”
I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, and boy was I right!
Right away, Lisa Lopez, a New York City native currently living in El Paso, Texas, concurred, “Oh yeah, too many times. But I’m not naming names…”
She’s such a sweetheart, protecting these dancers, and as a veteran of many variations of dance, I’m sure she’s seen this across the board, not just in her belly dance experience.
Lisa and I are not alone in our recognition of sub-par teachers who can crop up after their short time as a student. But why does this happen?
Continue reading this blog and share your thoughts in Dilara’s Diary on HipMix.net. And stay tuned for parts 2 and 3!

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