A Belly Dancer On The Validity Of Women’s Issues – This Is NOT Only A Man’s World, Is It? – Dilara’s Diary – HipMix.Net.

“I want to give a shout-out to drummer (and uber-cool guy) Todd Deatherage, who recently told me that some of my phrasing and sharp comments made me “a true Southern belle” just like his mom. Thanks for the compliments Todd, but I’m afraid you might have spoken too soon…because today’s topic is…


Who says the only dysfunction we can talk about is men’s?

Yes Todd, today I might disappoint you. And if your mom reads this blog too…well, tell her to look the other way.
We all know what Viagra’s for, and most of us can recall the latest Cialis commercial. Don’t forget about that happy guy, either — you know, Bob from the Enzyte commercials. So funny and kitschy!

So to take a cue from recent advertising, the only people in the world who have issues with sex are men. Ummmm, we know better than that, don’t we? Or do we?”

Continue reading Dilara’s thoughts on HipMix.net!


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