I Used To Be A Bird & I Kicked Butt! A Belly Dancer’s Memoir – Dilara’s Diary – HipMix.Net.

Today I learned about an attack on Elmo in Florida.  Thank you CNN for opening up those unresolved wounds for me.  Office Goddess  Jenn  (yes, that is her new title) told me the best way to work through painful memories is to tell the story.  So, here we go:

When I went to college, for some fun-loving reason I decided I wanted to be the school’s mascot.  A cardinal.  I waited,  tried out – and I got it.  Never mind the fact that the only other competition I had was the current mascot, who was ineligible due to poor grades.  I still was the mascot… and I got to go to Mascot Camp!

Yes, there really is a mascot camp.   (See me? I’m the one with the pretty, yellow legs)

While there, I met a number of other characters.  Some well known, like TCU’s Horned Frog and K-State’s Wildcat.  Some not so well known, like Austin College’s Kangaroo and some strange Purple Glob from someplace I never heard of…..

Continue reading in Dilara’s Diary on HipMix.net!

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